welcome home

Life on our two tiny paradise islands is simple and good :~)


One wouldn’t guess that only two hours by speedboat from the urban metropolis that is Jakarta, you’d find such a gorgeous and pristine place.  Pulau Macan is a true gem - it was that way before we came to steward it, and we have done our best to keep it that way.


Our vision is to make you feel at home within our beautiful environment while introducing you to some of the solutions we’ve applied to make our world a better place.  Natural building, intelligent energy, water conservation, waste management, coral conservation, community development, and healthful food and beverages are all part of our intended life here.  


Built upon foundations of living in harmony with nature and with a respect and appreciation for people of all different backgrounds, to our delight, many have called our two little islands heaven on earth.


Our little islands are situated within the largest archipelago in the world, off the North West coast of Java, Indonesia, just a couple short (and easy) hours from Jakarta.

In 2020, we have updated all our standard operating procedures to comply with government regulations and international guidelines for COVID safety.  Please click on the above menu to read more.  During COVID-19, we charter all boats to ensure the safety of our guests. 

Because of the higher boat ticket prices, we recommend a stay of at least two nights.  If you are ready to book, please click the Book Now button above to learn about our rates and book your stay.  We look forward to welcoming you 'home' to your paradise amongst tropical waters.



a little video about us

 With thanks to some of our buddies, we created a little clip that shares a bit about our islands and what's important to us. To get a real glimpse of an experience with us, click, sit back and enjoy...  

accommodation options

 Our islands are designed to accommodate a small group of people, featuring 7 private sea front huts, 3 cabins with 2 rooms each, and a 'camp site' on our little deserted island.