Our Team is Our Family


Three of our team members have actually lived on the islands for more than 25 years.  They were hired to look after the island by the family that took over stewardship of the island in the mid 1970s.  In 2007 a start-up travel company by the name of United Adventures took over full time stewardship of the islands, and transformed Pulau Macan Kecil and Pulau Macan Gundul into lodge / resort / camp grounds that would be an experiment in sustainability. In 2013, the family that owns the island and United Adventures created a partnership to steward and manage the islands together. 

Our operational team is diverse and consists of team members that are based on the island as well as in Jakarta, and one team member who bounces around a lot (especially to the outskirts of Ubud, Bali).  We do our best to take good care of all our team members, and we have flexible working arrangements to allow our Jakarta team to work from home often.  Our whole team gets generous chunks of time off, and free monthly massages.  All of us hope to make the world a little better by the time we go to the next adventure. 

our vision

One day, we aspire to be the most evolved set of micro islands on the planet :~) We are continually shaping these little Tiger Islands to be a prototype of our shared vision of a ‘paradise’ resort village set amongst a tropical archipelago.  Our islands offer a simple, beautiful resort / lodge that is dedicated to serving guests with a healthy lifestyle in harmony with nature.  From experimenting with the latest eco technologies, building strategies, and conservation methods to designing our teams and our guests experience while with us, we are continually evolving our two islands to reflect our dreams.  


Rather than minimizing our negative impacts socially and environmentally, we envision being a positive force in the protection and nurturing of our natural ecosystems, our people, and our neighbors.  We have a vision that these tiny two specks / dots will have a rippling effect to Jakarta, Indonesia, and the world – acting as one of many beacons of light that showcases a new paradigm for how we can thrive on this planet.  We aspire towards exemplifying sustainable development and showcasing how eco tourism can have a significantly positive impact on regional economic, environmental, and social prosperity.   Our vision is to inspire people with love, warm smiles, genuine service, and a desire to share our dream of creating heaven on earth.



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