Frequently asked questions

Is Macan Island open every day during this pandemic? How do I make a reservation?

During this pandemic, departures from Jakarta main land are still running but not every day due to a number of our guests leaving by charter boats for health reasons. To cover costs, the minimum number of departures is 10 people. Please contact our reservations team to confirm an available departure date.

The operational time for reservations is Monday-Saturday 10.00-17.00 (GMT + 7).

Please contact:

Jessica +62 852-1849-1579
Sacred +62 812-9164-2914

How long do I have to make a reservation to make sure the rooms are still available?

Favorite rooms on our island are those which names end in hut such as Sunset Hut, Coral Hut, etc. For these rooms, we suggest reservation to be made 3 months in advance for the weekend and 1 month in advance for weekdays to get the desired room. However, you can also try 1-2 weeks before and even 1 day before, in case rooms become available due to cancellations by guests.

Is there a special rate for KITAS holders?

No. The same rate applies to Indonesian citizens, foreigners and foreigners holding KITAS.

What accommodation is available? Which rooms have sea views?

Generally speaking, there are 2 types of accommodation; hut and cabin. Room details can be found on the Rooms n Rates page.

  • A hut is an accommodation shaped like a hut, without walls, with tarpaulin-covered bamboo curtains to protect privacy. All huts have private decks and direct views of the sea.
  • A cabin is an accommodation which is an enclosed space so it has more privacy and does not have a direct view of the sea

What is the rate for Tiger Island? Is the price listed per person or per room?

Have a look at the Rooms n Rates page. Prices are per person, not per room.

What is the maximum island capacity?

The maximum capacity for charter is 40 people. The number of accommodations makes a total of 11 rooms. However, during this pandemic we limit the number to a maximum of 25 people per night and only a total of 7 rooms are opened.

What does the price listed include?

The price listed includes the following:

  • Marina-Island PP Transport.
  • Welcome snack & meal while on the island (breakfast, lunch, dinner and afternoon snack).
  • Free-flow drinks, such as water, tea, coffee. Not included are drinks sold at the bar (soft drinks, alcohol, young coconut, aloe vera, etc.).
  • Free use of island facilities (internet, kayaks, stand up paddleboard, snorkeling gear, billiard tables, etc.).
  • Tax and service.

What are the menus? Is there a vegetarian menu?

The menus provided are Indonesian and International dishes which are usually served home-style and buffet. Some of the menus that we provide can usually be enjoyed by vegetarians. However, during this pandemic period, our presentation have been adjusted to follow protocol by the Indonesian government.

I am allergic to certain foods, can I adjust it or not?

We can adjust your meal according to your dietary needs. Please inform our reservation team if there are certain food criteria or food allergies.

Is it possible to order food outside of meal hours?

Yes, but the menu is limited and subject to additional fees.

Can I bring my own drink / food?

You can bring your own food/drink, if it is not something Pulau Macan sells on the island, does not require additional storage and is stored in a tightly closed container. If you bring snacks or other packaged items, please bring the waste back with you to Jakarta to minimize the accumulation of waste on the island.

What mode of transportation is used to get to the island?

The mode of transportation is with speed boat. The size of the speed boat depends on the number of guests departing on that day. During the pandemic, we try to ensure guests keep a distance between groups, which means that the capacity of the boat we use is larger than the number of guests departing on that day.

Where does the boat depart from and at what time? When does the boat come back from the island and at what time? What is the length of the boat trip?

The boat departs from the Marina at 8 am but guests are expected to arrive at 7.30 to load their belongings on board. From the island, the boat departs at 2 pm to the Marina. The trip takes about 1.5-2 hours each way depending on the weather that day.

What are the room facilities (AC / water heater / TV / etc)?

  • There is no AC, no TV, no water heater on the island.
  • We provide mineral water, fan, mosquito net, anti insect spray, towels in all our accommodations.
  • We provide shampoo and soap in all our bathrooms.

Is there a bathroom in the room? How far are the bathrooms from the rooms?

  • Private bathrooms are only available for Sunset Hut, Coral Hut, Island Hut, Zen Hut, Garden Hut and Wood Cabin East and West.
  • Bathroom for the Redbrick Cabin is located at the front of the room.
  • Bathrooms for Tropical Cabin is located below, while room is upstairs (stilt house).
  • Bathroom for Driftwood Hut is outside the room and about 8-10 meters away.

If I book a room with a large capacity, will it be combined with other guests?

No. No rooms are shared with other guests.

Can you book a room and not include meals?

No. All our room bookings include meals.

Is diving and fishing possible?

  • Fishing in Pulau Macan area is not permitted because the island and its surroundings is a conservation area. However, we do rent out wooden fishing boats if guests want to fish outside the conservation area.
  • For diving, we collaborate with Octopus Diving Center. Regarding the price, please contact the reservation team.

What other water activities are possible?

Activities that can be experienced on the island are swimming, kayaking or wooden boats, snorkeling, and exploring the deserted island.

Is the island safe for young children?

For safety measures, we recommend guests bringing small children to stay in rooms that are slightly to the center and not those at the edge of the island (in front of the sea). It is safe for small children to play on the island, whereas at sea, young children must always be under adult supervision.

Can we visit the island on a One Day Trip (ODT) only?

During this pandemic, ODT can only be done by charter boats and the number of guests on the island will not exceed 25 people.

What should I bring? What not to bring?

  • We suggest that you bring personal medicine, mosquito repellents, sun blocks, changing clothes, swimwear, sandals.
  • Guests are prohibited from bringing sharp weapons, illegal drugs, soft drinks, beer and items requiring large storage space.

Can I charter a boat to get to the island? If so, how?

You can charter your own boat to get to Pulau Macan. Please send an inquiry to or contact the reservation team via Whatsapp to get more information.

Where is Pulau Macan located? What island is it near?

Pulau Macan is in the north of Thousand Islands and close to Putri Island.

What packages are available? (Outing / Corporate / Wedding / etc.)

During this pandemic, we only offer individual and charter packages with a maximum of 25 guests. Please send an inquiry to for further information.

Can you use a credit card for payment or not?

Currently we only accept payments via bank transfer. Payment via credit card can be made via an EDC machine by appointment.

Is there an internet connection?

Yes. Internet connection is available in the main area (Club House).

Is there cellphone signal or not?

Yes. Providers know to have good signals on the island are XL and Telkomsel.

Can I bring a pet or not?

No. Guests are not allowed to bring pets.

If I want to go to the small island, is there an additional fee?

No. There is no additional fee to go to the small island.

I already booked. When is my payment due?

Following are the terms & conditions of confirming your Booking & Payment:

  • Reservation is declared valid if you have made a FULL payment and it is confirmed by us.
  • If more than one guest is interested in booking the same room, priority will be given to the guest who booked first but payment has to be confirmed within 1 x 24 hours.
  • Our system will delete your order after 24 hours if payment has not been made.
  • Payment can only be made via bank transfer (ATM, internet banking, mobile banking or cash deposit at the bank) to the account stated in the invoice, and credit card via an EDC machine.
Please write down name and booking date when making the transfer and send proof of payment via email to make it easier to check.