Sustainability Matters

Pulau Macan was designed to be an experiment in good living – to us this means taking good care of our team and our guests, and being responsible stewards of our natural environment.


Our definition of sustainability

Part of our purpose at these two little islands is to invite people to realize what a pleasure it is to live in harmony with nature. Beyond our natural environments, our main focus is on people – our team, our guests, our neighbors and humanity in general.  


Our intention from the beginning follows the thinking of Buckminster Fuller, who wrote:


“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.  To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”


We have strived to implement these new models into the way we build, the way we get our energy, the way we get our food, the way we treat our team, and the way we operate as a company.  We are far from perfect, and far from completely ‘eco.’  But we have done our best to implement the technologies and practices that are practical for us.  Our vision is to be one of the most sustainable and amazing island resort villages in the world.  We know this sounds like a big dream, but we also know that it’s possible.





mainly vegetarian, organic where possible

We took the risk of not offering AC rooms while every other resort in the islands does.  The vast majority of our guests come from Jakarta, where pretty much everybody travels in AC cars from AC homes to AC offices.  But we have attracted thousands of guests, and our weekends are often booked out weeks in advance.  We have discovered that most people fall in love with our islands, and with our eco friendly and human friendly living approach.


Part of the vision for creating this resort village was to experiment with the various ‘eco technologies’ to see how far we could go in demonstrating a new type of tourism.  For us, the challenge has been to deliver an incredible vacation experience that is based upon best practices in responsible tourism – and to showcase a truly sustainable micro island resort village.  And the main focus, at the end of the day, is a continual, relaxed focus on living in harmony with our gorgeous natural environment, our amazing team and guests, our community.  

energy efficiency & solar panels
carbon offset 
saving water - cold showers!
Eco Toilet
rain water catchment