We take COVID 19 seriously and are doing the best we can to create a safe experience for our team and our guests.

To minimize the spread of COVID-19, we have implemented the following safety measures:

  • We always check our island team’s body temperature before they start their shift everyday.

  • We also check guests’ body temperature on arrival, ask them to wash their hands and apply hand sanitizer.

  • All our island team members wear a mask.

  • We provide hand sanitizer in serving places and an additional sink for guests to wash their hands.

  • All guests should wear a mask especially in the Club House area and maintain physical distancing at all times.

  • All guests and staff should maintain physical and social distancing at all times during their stay on the island and on the boat.

  • All rooms will be disinfected before new guests check-in and after check-out.

  • All surfaces often touched in public areas are disinfected at least three times a day.

  • Food is served by our team. Guests are not to scoop the food by themselves.

  • Dining area will be disinfected before and after all guests have finished their meals.

  • We have put many signs to remind all guests to apply hand sanitizer and wash their hands often.

  • All guests can keep the snorkeling equipment especially mask/goggle and snorkel until their check out date. Our team will clean and disinfect all the equipment after it has returned to us.

We suggest that our guests bring their own:

  • Tumbler or drinking bottle

  • Cutleries (plate, spoon, fork, and straw)

  • Snorkeling equipment (mask/goggle, snorkel, fin, and reef shoes)

  • Towel and toiletries

  • Spare fabric masks or medical masks

What we ask you to do during your stay on the island and on the boat:

Wash your hands frequently or use our hand sanitizer.

Maintain physical distancing, including avoiding handshakes and hugs.

Wear a mask in common areas, especially in the Club House.

Sneeze into your elbow.