Our vision was to build a little model of what the world could be like.  Our purpose was to create a place where good people felt at home, where our team and our guests were treated like extended family, and where we took good care of our environment too.  Our passion was in creating unique accommodations that made use of locally available, sustainable and inexpensive materials, and in providing food that was yummy and nourishing.  We're on an evolutionary path to define 'paradise amongst tropical waters,' and we invite you to participate.  These two gorgeous islands are a home for humanity where together, we co-create the story of evolution... and experiment with the commitment to evolved living.   

where we are & how to get here

Our islands are situated in the Java Sea, about 47 nautical miles from the marinas in North Jakarta, Indonesia.  To get here, you can board our safe and quick boat partner's ships.  In some cases you will need to take the 'regular boats' that will stop off at other islands, and in other cases you will board a privately chartered ship that is exclusive to our guests and will go directly to the island.  Important details include an 8 am departure time to the island, and a 2 pm departure time from the island back to Jakarta - with an average journey time of about 2 hours. 



food & beverages 

Our two main cooks have been cooking international and local meals for families for 20 years.  We worked on menus with them that focus on providing balanced meals that are wholesome and nourishing.  Most of our guests love our food, and our unique blend of Indonesian and international dishes.  Our meals are suitable for vegetarians, and we serve seafood everyday also.  A stay with us means you will never go hungry as all meals are served buffet style, and snacks are almost always available.  


For beverages you'll find that water, tea, coffee, cocoa, and hot ginger water is always available in the club house, and is self-served.  In the mornings we also provide juice and milk.


When possible, we source organic produce and we are experimenting with growing more of our own food - which because of small island conditions, has been a great challenge!




in the water

If you are new to tropical reefs, you are in for a treat! Even if you are a pro scuba diver you will be pleasantly surprised considering how close we are to Jakarta.  You can snorkel at any time of the day during your visit, and we always have snorkeling equipment available in our equipment hut. Daily trips to nearby snorkeling spots happen at around 3 pm. Scuba diving is also on offer and we collaborate with Octopus Dive for diving equipment and ensuring safety standards.  And if you're like a lot of our guests and can't swim yet - don't worry - we have helped hundreds of people swim for the first time in the sea with our life jackets!


We also offer kayaks, some old wind surfing boards, and a couple stand up paddle boards for you to explore with.  You can go check out our deserted island 200 meters away, and there are lots of other friendly islands nearby which you can also visit. 

on land
things to do

What are the things you might like to do at your island home? The reefs around us are pretty good, so snorkeling and diving are favorite activities here.  Of course, you are perfectly welcome to relax, soak in the sun, listen to our carefully chosen playlists, and take lots of naps.  There is plenty to do - and not do - during your stay.


Wanna stay dry and on-land? No problem :~) There are plenty of fun things to do. Try island hopping, and exploring our deserted island and others in the neighborhood. We also have a range of board games, as well as a pool table, a ping pong table, a slack line (think: balancing rope), badminton rackets and a net, and some toys for small kids to play in the sand.  

We sometimes also have a massage therapist on the island who is partly blind and deaf.  In our experience, he is among the best and takes excellent care of our team and our guests.

Phone: +6285218491579

E-MAIL: info@zevillages.com

Our Address

Jl. Fatmawati no. 39

Dutamas Fatmawati Blok A2

Cipete Utara, Kebayoran Baru

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