Welcome to Tiger Islands Village & Eco Resort, otherwise known as Pulau Macan.  Life is simple and good here :~)  The two gorgeous islands upon which we have built this paradise exemplify the best of rustic tropical living while introducing modern eco technologies and comforts.  The natural environment is stunning and features white sandy beaches, aquamarine waters, colorful corals, playful fish, and lush tropical vegetation.  Our food, some of it grown within our organic gardens, is fresh and delicious.  Our cabins and structures are simple and comfortable.  We’ve got books and DVDs in our media library, and plenty of watersports equipment and island toys.  The folks that look after you are from an extended family that have lived on the island for more than 15 years.  These friendly, humorous, and innovative people are your chefs, your housekeepers, your boat captains, your bonfire-builders, your guides, and your friends.  Whether you are staying for a weekend or an extended visit, we are always pleased to welcome guests to this tropical paradise we call home.

Our vision is to make you feel at home within our beautiful environment while introducing you to some of the solutions we’ve applied to make our little world a better place.  Sustainable energy, environmental stewardship, organic gardening, rain water harvesting, composting, waste management, community development, and evolved learning are all part of our life here.  When you discover what an amazing vibe results from the combination of these elements, you’ll see why many have called our two little islands paradise :~) Our home is situated within the largest archipelago in the world, off the North West coast of Java, Indonesia, just 88 minutes from Jakarta.


Pulau Macan | Reservations & Info: +62 812 9753 1395 / +62 878 8234 1314 /
0812 9164 2914 (bahasa only) | info@zevillages.com | info@zevillages.com
office hours are from 10 am to 5 pm, Jakarta time (GMT + 7 hours), Monday through Friday.